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Author of Young Adult fiction

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Story of Eve Young

Who Is Eve Young?

Eve Young is a self-published author who lives in the North East of the UK. She began writing at the tender age of 11, with an interest in poems, songs and short stories as a form of escapism and enjoyment. Eve started writing her debut novel Jeanette Baguette: Friendships of the Extraordinary in 2018, building a world of characters and plots to entertain the most curious of minds. Eve hopes to continue her career and release another three books of the Jeanette Baguette series as well as a number of spin-off, back stories of the many characters she has created. Eve is inspired to empower and support those with mental health illness and disability to promote understanding and inclusion for all aspects of neurodiversity. Across the site, you will find a selection of brilliant images by an amazing artist called Punkworkz who’s digital downloads are available to buy on Etsy. Punkworkz have given permission for the use of these images to represent Eve’s work- specifically the cherry blossom tree which will display all of the books in a way that explains the concept of her work. The tree represents two things- the tree of hope and the cycle of trauma. The stories will demonstrate the difficulties and vulnerability of those trying to break that cycle.  The Jeanette Baguette series will be the core aspect of the universe and will be displayed on the tree trunk. The spin off series will be displayed in the branches which look at the individual stories of each teenage character and their journey through mental illness as they grow into adulthood. And finally, the parent books will be displayed in the roots of the tree and will look at their experiences. You can find information about the first book of the series below- the second book is well under way- a release date will be announced very soon and a prequel Library of Ghosts is available to pre-order on Amazon now!! 

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Jeanette Baguette

Friendships of the Extraordinary

News!! News!!! We have News!!! Library of Ghosts is available to preorder on Amazon!! This will be available for Amazon Kindle and paperback and will be available on other platforms in the near future. Library of Ghosts is a prequel to Eve’s debut novel Jeanette Baguette: Friendships of the Extraordinary which is also available on Amazon Kindle and paperback. Plus, Jeanette Baguette: Parisian Extraordinaire, which is the second book in the Jeanette Baguette series is being edited for release. Follow Eve building her Diverse Universe with around 20 books planned out. Order your copy of the books today on Amazon. Available worldwide! Please note- I am an author who writes books- I am not a Journalist. 

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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen

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